Transformation & Change Management by design
Dawning Systems

Respond to Disruption
Reorganize for Opportunity

Transformation & Change Management by design
Dawning Systems

Respond to Disruption
Reorganize for Opportunity

Change management by Design (CMBD)

The DAWNING SYSTEMS team brings over 30 years of cross-industry, cross-cultural experience to bear in helping leadership RESPOND to DISRUPTION, DESIGN your TRANSFORMATION and REORGANIZE for OPPORTUNITIES.

Transformation and Change are part of the same org development spectrum, and while you can't Transform without Changing, you can certainly Change without Transforming. So before you settle on a generic Change Management approach, let us help you identify and design the type of Change Management Road-Map that is right for your organization.

Design your Change Roadmap:


INTENTION – Investigative Phase

Change Management is not a template-driven one-size fits all endeavor - it starts with your INTENTION ~ let’s talk about these…


What is driving you to Change: Disruption or Opportunity?

Is your organization Averting a Crisis or looking to Embrace an Opportunity (or both!)


What does Success look like: Something New or Something Better?

Is your business Creating Something New or looking to Improve on Something Existing (or both!)


What will it take to Sustain the Change: The Current Mindset or a New Mindset?

Sustaining change by Refining How you Think or Rethinking How you Define (or both!)

What does your Transformation Journey look like?

Your organization may be facing a Temporary Challenge or a New Way of Operating (or both!)

Desired Outcome – Vision, Mission, Goals Phase

Organizations change and / or transform because they are on a QUEST to achieve something specific. Your Change Strategy needs to align with that QUEST.

Extending your Market Presence

Your Change Program needs to be optimized to ‘Lift-and-Shift’ what you do into a new environment.


Improving your Customer Focus
Your Change Program needs to be optimized to ‘Illustrate-the-Better-Way’ for doing what you do.


Enhancing your Operational Agility

Your Change Program needs to  ‘Support the Breaking and Replacing’ of operating paradigms.


Transformations & Change Impact Assessments

You can’t Transform without Changing but you can Change without Transforming.

This is why Change Impact Assessments should always start with clearly articulating:

What Does Success Look Like (WDSLL)


By Role


For Leadership WDSLL is about articulating and communicating a desirable vision of change in the language of the possible (Yes We Can)


For Management WDSLL is about TRANSLATING ‘what is possible’ into a Performance Management Framework so you can Plan, Execute, Assess and Adjust.


For Teams WDSLL is about Day-1 effectiveness and understanding what is changing, when is it changing and how will it affect the work.


By Organization Alignment


For People WDSLL is about UNDERSTANDING What Is Changing, Who Is Impacted, What is the Effect on the Work and What are the Implications for the Organization.


For Processes WDSLL is about optimizing the organization of ACTIVITIES such that RESOURCES can be effectively converted into PRODUCTS and or SERVICES.


For Systems WDSLL is about optimizing the ‘Sequence of Technical Transactions’ necessary to EFFICIENTLY transform Resources into Revenue, and Revenue into Profits.

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